Know your Carbs : Guide to Weight Management

Often we hear our dietitians use this phrase – “Cut down on your carbs and you shall lose some weight.” Alright, in layman terms so you will have to cut some rice, noodles, and pasta probably? But is that it? Nope. There is more to it. Have you ever wondered what kind of carbs have to be cut down from your diet to lose weight or help in weight management? This article will leave you mesmerized. Just dive in and read it to get an insight on the good carbs and the bad carbs and how to maintain a healthy weight.

 Simple Carbs:

  • Simple to digest. For example fruits and vegetables.
  • An instant source of energy.
  • You can enjoy simple carbs but don’t make them as a primary source. You can make better choices like baked potatoes instead of cakes and cookies.

Complex Carbs:

  • These are made of longer chains of sugars and the body takes more time to digest it.
  • These release energy slowly but consistently and keeps your energy up throughout the day.
  • To enjoy complex carbs make choices like brown rice over white rice, whole wheat pasta over plain white pasta and so on.

 Weight Management

The whole food matters:

Weight management becomes an issue when you feel like binging on junk food. Soft drinks when you’re dehydrated will add extra liquid calories and is going to be a huge problem if you are trying to lose weight.

Every time you decide to hit the grocery store, check the ingredients of the food you’re planning to buy and the calories per serving. This way you will have an eye on the calorie intake.

You lose weight when you burn more calories than the actual intake. In case you do have some heavy calories on a particular day, compensate by walking down the road with some music on and burn those calories.

Choose foods rich in fiber naturally:

Whole grains have lots of fiber in them naturally. So every time you go to purchase some pasta or bread try and go for the whole grain ones. Don’t forget to check the ingredient list and watch out for added sugars.

Go easy on your food. Make sure to include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet. They have more nutrients and add fewer calories.

Try and include legumes like beans, and whole grains in your diet. These whole grains contain fewer calories per serving. Never go for processed whole grain foods like whole grain chips and so on. These are generally dense in calories.

Home food is good food:

Eating often at home will help you keep an eye on your calorie intake. Include a large platter of fruits and veggies in your diet. You can also make a very healthy grocery list which includes brown rice, beans, and other good carbs which will help you in weight management.

Dear Readers,

After a busy day at work just come home and enjoy some home cooked meal which is tremendously good for you. Just be sensible about the carbs you eat and maintain a healthy balance between your greens, your proteins, and your carbs.

To know more about how many calories you take:

Check this link: Know Your Food & Calorie Intake 

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