Comic-con themed creative food ideas

Comic-con is a time to celebrate your super heroes and a time to dress like one. Most importantly, it is the time to just relish and remember the best time spent watching your superheroes fighting for to win over evil. But how can a Comic-con be without food? It is just like Superman without his powers. So why not surprise your family and pals with mind-numbing yet finger licking Cuisines that will make your Comic Con best ever and memorable.

Below are some innovative yet delicious food ideas to use for this Comic-Con:

Hammered Hulk:

Watch your diet and yet indulge in sinful pleasure at the Comic Con. With half and ounce of Malibu Coconut Rum, Blue Curacao, 3/4th Midori, and 1oz Vodka. Blend and shake it up to make one strong Hammered drink that will energize and uplift your spirit.


Get the recipe here!

Thor’s Hammer Cup Cakes:

Eat up this Choco-chip Cup Cake with Thor’s Hammer garnishing and feel as strong as him. The extra dose of chocolate with Thor’s Hammer is definitely a highlight of the party.


Wanna try it?

Joker Juice:

What is a Comic-con without drinks? Fuse variety of drinks and add a zing to it with lemons and salt. It will instantly diffuse your mind and take you to the world of comics, but will also lighten you up and go with the flow. You can mix Vodka with Champagne and add Lemon with a splash of soda on the rocks to make it strong.



Alien Olive:

Do not forget to add Olives to the party. For those who are watching their diet needs something except for drinking or nuts. Olives are one such thing that will turn to their aid. You can make them look like aliens and add a stick to it as if they are hanging heads.



Threaded Spaghetti Hot Dog Bites:

As delicious as it sounds it is a creepy dish. Dare to taste this spaghetti strangled in Hot Dog Bites and you will not regret. It is creepily mouth watering.



Spidi Appetizing Berries:

Do not know how to cook? Not to worry Use Strawberries and garnish it with white and dark chocolate and is ready to be served.



Mad hatter Cake:

Use all that you have to create that one hell of a Mad Hatter Cake. Ghostly in appearance yet sweet inside. This crazy cake with all icing will satisfy your sweet tooth.




I personally love Baymax. These adorable cupcakes are super easy to prepare and can be made using store bought frosting. Use marshmallows and paint his face using black food icing.They are the perfect dessert idea for your party.


Learn more on how to prepare it!


Kryptonite Krispies:

If you are fond of Kryptonite, then you will definitely not able to resist Kryptonite Krispies. A little crisp on the outside blended with Vanilla essence, marshmallows and Rice Krispies works as a perfect snack for the kids.


Get the recipe here!


Harley Quinn Cake

Who doesn’t love Harley? This “Daddy’s Lil Monster” will definitely be the center of attraction at your Comic-Con themed party.



Apart from fun and frolic, people will actually taste something that is new, delicious and most importantly compliments Comic Con theme.  What are you planning to prepare this Comic-con? Please leave a comment , I shall be glad to hear ya all out! Have great day folks.

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