The finest wines around the world

Drinking good wine with good food and good company is one of the life’s most civilized pleasure.Don’t you agree that everything gets better with wine? That step into the wine shop leaves us mesmerized by thousands of wines from across the world popular for their delicious taste, aroma, and richness and vintage, as a result of which we get confused which wines to go for. Furthermore, we think if we should go for young wine or aged wine and wonder if it will be sweet or strong due to the infinite options that are available. This article will provide a clear picture of the world’s finest wines from different countries and why they’re awesome.

The finest wines are :

The great news about wine is it not only tastes great it also reduces depression,improves your sleep cycle, prevents few cancers and delays aging process. Pumped up with antioxidants these wines most of all in anywhere and complement your food items. No matter what your day seems like, just wine a bit and you’ll feel better.

Cabernet Sauvignon (USA) :


The accidental breeding between red Cabernet Franc grape plant and white Sauvignon Blanc grape plant has therefore led to the birth of Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine though acidic and tastes dry goes well and complements food.

Chardonnay (Chile) :


This wine is locally grown , layered with lemon and pear thereby having hints of sweet spice and white peach.  The grapes are left to ripen longer without letting them overripe which consequently creates an intense floral aroma and a juiciness which goes well with food.

California Merlot (USA) :


This is a reasonably priced wine produced in California. It’s juicy texture complements grilled, charred meat and mushroom based dishes very well. In addition,the fruity flavor and softness are highly appreciated by wine lovers.

Puglia Primitivo (Italy) :


It’s a unique blend of both acidic and tannic flavors which makes it a must have wine during a party. From vegetables to juicy fruits everything is easily complemented with the Puglia wine.

Montepulciano (Italy):


This wine is ruby colored and invites aroma of dried herbs, pepper, and spices. The wine is aromatic, tannic and less acidic and is usually consumed when it is young. You can get them in the market by other names called ‘Rosso Conero’ and ‘Rosso Piceno’ too.

Cordon Negro Brut Cava (Spain):


Most noteworthy about this wine is the process by which it is made. This sparkling wine is produced in Spain by a traditional method  of secondary fermentation.Therefore,it has a fruity and lingering aroma. Its color can be white or that similar to rose.  It is the perfect partner for food at any time.

Grenache Wine (France) :


This wine is light in color,semi-translucent and has a strong fruity cinnamon flavor.  In addition, the flavor varies based on the region it’s grown consequently it could smell like orange rinds or as dried oregano to ruby red grapefruits and so on.

Chardonnay Wine (Argentina) :


This is a special wine that can be aged for many years or consumed immediately. The region and the area matters a lot, as a result, no two regions can produce the same wine. The Chardonnay wine from Argentina is a must try for wine lovers.

Müller-Thurgau (Germany) :


The vines mature early and bring large yield quantities. This wine often has sweet peachy or fruity aromas with low acid content and can be drunk when young.

Shiraz (Australia) :


This wine is the world’s finest, darkest red wine with intense aroma and astounding longevity. Though Shirah is filled with a high level of antioxidants and strong flavor it goes well with meat and almost everything.

Chenin Blanc (South Africa) :


Chenin Blanc is a versatile wine that goes well with sushi, Meditteranean food, and even meats. Winemakers for Chenin Blanc stop fermentation before the sugar is used entirely. Consequently, this unique technique makes the wine sweet but reduces the resulting alcohol level.

Alvarinho (Portugal) :


This is one of the finest wine of Portugal. While these wines taste delicious even when young or when aged for 10 years . It can be the perfect wine while having fish or other crunchy seafood.

To know more about alcohol content in wine : A Guide to the Alcohol Content in Wine

No matter one is stressed or is in the mood for celebration, these fine wine makes everything better. Just be mindful when you go for that next extra glass of wine.What’s your most favorite wine amongst them all? Let us know in the comments section. This article gave an idea about the finest wines one must try for this lifetime! Until then light up those evenings with a glass of wine and good food.



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