Food Ideas that are made using Smoke & Fire

Cooking with smoke & fire has always been the best and easy way to cook food that is not only delicious, but the aroma is just breathtaking. Have you ever heard of BBQ? Have you ever tasted BBQ food? Well, that is taking heaven into your mouth. But, often vegetarian people complain about missing that feeling, not anymore, now there is a wide range of vegetarian recipes which are cooked using smoke and fire. Let’s have a look at some of the those recipes made using Smoke & Fire.

Smoked Tofu BBQ bowls

You can make this recipe using tofu, BBQ sauce, rice, pineapple, avocados and some bell pepper. Season it with some cilantro and start your BBQ night with compliments and delicacies.


Smoked Gouda Mushroom Chard Burger

Mix sliced mushrooms,butter and chard leaves. Season it with some garlic clove, nutmeg maple tahini dressing. Finally, spread this mixture between burger buns.


Grilled Smoked Mozzarella Salad

Are you looking for some easy way to enjoy some delicious recipe yet keep a check on those calories? Try this smoke & fire recipe using mozarella, cherry tomatoes marinated in olive oil and vinegar. Serve this with some fresh basil leaves and vegetables of your choice.


Campfire French toast

This food idea is perfect when you’re out camping! All you will need is some bread slices and milk. Keep some nutmeg powder, maple syrup and cinnamon handy to add extra flavor to your french toast.


Smoked Peaches and Cream Pops

If your tongue is craving for some sugar, these cream pops can be soul satisfying.Collect wood chips preferably smoked, fresh peaches, maple or any other simple syrup, heavy cream, and take out ten minutes to prepare this smoke & fire dessert after dinner.


Smoked Cardamom Ice Cream with Salty Honey Caramel Swirl

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Pick your favorite flavor of ice cream preferably vanilla for a better taste, beat cardamom mixed with salt, honey and caramel into a grainy paste.


Smoked Zucchini and Squash

Melt some butter , add in some garlic. Later on add some lemon juice, pepper and salt. Keep this aside and roast some of your favorite vegetables. Finally, season it with the butter garlic mixture. You can try many variants of this recipe based on your imagination and culinary skills.


BBQ Corn

Work that smoke & fire  magic on some corn on cob. The corn should be covered by the husk. Use peeled back husks as handles when eating. This recipe tastes awesome, and can be used to while making corn for a crowd.


Smoked Asparagus

If you loved smoked foods and you specially love asparagus then you must definitely try this recipe. The right combination of smoked asparagus with garlic and pepper will make your taste buds crave for more!

Dear Readers,

So, when planning to go on a trip or try something different with smoke & fire, have a look the above recipes and say hello to interesting items that cost less, take less time and taste amazingly good.



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