13 fats which are actually good for you and why

Being fat is one of the most stressful situation in anybody’s life. People feel the lack of confidence in oneself and put all their focus on dieting and exercise. You must have observed that when you gain some extra pounds, all you can think of is to reduce the weight by cutting down fatty and high caloric foods. But there are good fats out there which shouldn’t be avoided even when on a diet. Continue reading to get an insight on the same.

#1 Avocados

This fat is helpful in protecting your vision, adding it in a sandwich or baked potato can do wonders to the body.


#2 Nuts

The reason behind eating nuts is that they are filler foods that contain 45 grams of fat per cup.


#3 Black Olives

Black Olives: One cup of black olives contains 15 grams of fat.


#4 Ground Flaxseed

Taking a cup of ground flax seed consist of 48 grams of fat which are a must for the body, mind, and soul.


#5 Dark Chocolate

Containing around 9gms of fat, Dark Chocolate is not only good in taste but also full of health benefits.


#6 Parmesan Cheese

Eating 8 grams of fat in the form of parmesan cheese can help you strengthening your bones and recovering the lack of calcium in the body.


#7 Tofu

Tofu contains 5-6 grams of firm fat which is helpful to cover your daily calcium needs and keeps the body healthy and firm.


#8 Steak

Steak: This food is not really very high in fat but contains fat approximately 5grams of fat and works as an excellent source of iron, zinc, and proteins.


#9 Full-fat Milk

People who are fond of drinking milk must have observed that taking full-fat milk is heavy and tastier.


#10 Yogurt

Having a little bit amount of fat in the form of yogurt along with proteins, calcium, energy, and other nutrients is always a fair deal for a healthy body.


#11 Coconut Oil

Everybody has heard numerous benefits of coconut oil, but resist the usage due to fats present in it.


#12 Eggs

Eggs: This fatty food is a miraculous food for the gym freaks. It helps in gaining, body building, and growing muscles.


#13 Fish

Having fish in your daily diet can decrease human death by heart disease by 36%.


#14 Olive Oil

Olive oil is the best cooking oil to go for if you’re a health freak.


Dear Readers,

You all are what you eat. Never go on a low-calorie diet or starvation mode just to lose weight. Find out what’s good for your body type by consulting a dietitian and implement the same. If someone hasn’t told ya all today then let me remind you, you are beautiful! And I adore every one of you. Have a great day lovelies!


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