Vegetarian Proteins to Include in your diet

I joined the gym recently and my gym trainer asked me to increase my protein intake. Being a vegetarian I had few choices and decided to increase my protein intake by switching to soy milk and few protein shakes. Well, how long did it last? A couple of weeks. After which I was back to binge eating. Trust me, its hard to maintain a protein rich diet without knowing what benefits you’re reaping. It was also difficult for me because I didn’t know the numerous vegetarian proteins options out there. I am sure most of you might be like me not knowing what is good for your body, why it is good and what to include in your diet.

These proteins are strings made of smaller molecules called amino acids. I will not take you into the chemical aspects of it. So what basically happens is our body breaks proteins into amino acids and these will then be absorbed into the bloodstream and transferred to different parts of the body.

Why do you need proteins?

  • Our body uses proteins to repair and build tissues.
  • Our body parts like hair and nails are made using proteins.
  • These are the building blocks of bones, skin, muscles and blood.
  • Proteins help in making enzymes and other chemicals in the body.

The fun fact is our body doesn’t have reserves of protein. So when the body needs it we have to provide it from external sources. There are many external sources like eggs, beans and so on. This article will guide you on which vegetarian proteins you can opt for a healthy diet.



Mix and Match

Health is wealth. The right balance of food & nutrients is the greatest secret for a healthy lifestyle. Read on to know more about how to mix your proteins.

  • Pulses combined with dairy products – Dal with yogurt, beans with cheese.
  • Whole grains with pulses – Brown rice, whole wheat breads with beans, peas.
  • Pulses with seeds and nuts – Hummus with mixed bean salad.
  • Dairy with whole grains – Cheese sandwich with whole wheat bread.

Read more about hummus at – Homemade Hummus Recipe and Benefits

Vegetarian Proteins 2

Dear Readers,

I hope you finally got an idea as to why proteins are crucial for our health. I also believe that the article has been insightful on what vegetarian proteins you can choose and why. Please share it with your friends and let them reap the benefits as well. Merry Christmas to you all.

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