What’s awesome at Hole in the Wall Cafe

It was one Saturday morning, I got up a bit late and decided to “break my fast” at the “Hole in the wall cafe”,Bangalore.  All I have ever heard about this place were rave reviews, so it has been on my checklist for a while now. There was this hype amongst my colleagues about “Hole in the wall cafe”. So how was my experience like?


The Ambience:

The ambience is quite decent for a cafe with books for book lovers and a rustic overall theme with soothing music. The place remains crowded especially over weekends which in turn makes it a busy day for the staff at “Hole in the wall cafe”. They were quite mechanical on their mission to deliver everyone’s food in the allocated time.


The menu:

The sweet staff at the restaurant handed me the menu after an hour-long wait to get a table for myself. My appetite was quite strong by then. There were so many items to choose from : the big fat breakfast menu followed by some egg items, omelet items, waffles, muffins, coffee and much more.

The food:

I ordered an “A Sunday Morning” Breakfast. As the staff came across and served my breakfast, my mouth started watering instantly. All I wanted was to gobble the dish. My dish was ornated with fried eggs, bean recipe, tangy cherry tomatoes , soft mushrooms, leafy spinach and two slices of brown bread. The food was appealing to my palate and I craved for more. I topped my breakfast with a black forest waffle, I am sorry I am running out of words to describe this one. The black forest waffle combined with juicy cherries was made of the right sweetness pretty much made me feel I was on cloud 9.


The Beverage :

I had a strawberry lemonade. It was rich pink in color with some gelatinous seeds within it. It was the right blend of citric and sweet flavor which overall complemented by breakfast quite neatly. Serving the lemonade in a “Nutella-like-jar” simply made it better.


To summarize, the food was mesmerizing. You must definitely visit “Hole in the wall cafe” when you visit Bangalore. The choices are numerous and it’s quite healthy as well. All in all,if you are a foodie and in need of working out, your taste palates it’s a must try.

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