Here’s why you must try “Hug in a mug”

It was that time of the year where loved ones, near and far were reunited. It was the festival of lights. The sky was lit and I wanted to take my bike for a spin.  Hug in a mug is where my friend and I landed at that pompous evening. It was all unplanned, but how was the experience like at “Hug in a mug” ?

The Ambience:

The overall theme was inclined to nature. There were tables spread across in an open space. If you’re an animal lover then you’d be delighted to visit this place,there were cute lil rabbits, ducks, and few birds. It’s a pet-friendly place.


What’s special about “Hug in a mug”:

Hug in a mug was started by two friends. Everything is prepared in-house from the tomato ketchup to the Pizza seasoning. One thing worth mentioning about this place is the decor. It is made of recycled articles. For example, the seating and the tables are made of oil barrel caps which was painted to give it a rustic look.

The Food:

The staff at “Hug in a mug” suggested we try some sizzler but due to some communication gap we were served with whole wheat pasta in white sauce. We were fine with it since we were foodies and wanted to try out the dishes. What can I say about the pasta? I felt the dinner was heavy because of the parmesan cheese. Nevertheless, it was delicious, and I wished I had a huge appetite to savor more dishes.


The Beverage:

We had a drink called as “Kamasutra” and it felt like heaven. It’s called as the “Bubble Tea” and is made of secret ingredients which made me high on food. The chef mentioned that the secret ingredient was imported from Vietnam gives the superficial taste. The only problem was you’d miss out on all the tangy tasting bubble balls if you didn’t buy a specific straw for it.


The Dessert:

The downside of this place is for the dessert lovers, “Hug in a mug” as stopped serving desserts since the customers (mostly artists and college students) usually go there to try starters and other main dishes. However, they do serve some brownies.

Dear Readers,

“Hug in a mug” at JP Nagar,Bangalore is one unique place and is a must try for food lovers. The preparation of food is unique and it’s definitely going to make your taste buds go head over heels.

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  • Thank you so much for featuring my experience on your blog, means a lot.

    I just wish i were there a bit earlier in the evening with good sunlight, could have shared even better photographs. But then Ambiance at night is way cooler i presume, than what it can be during the day.

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