Interesting Diet of Actors of Hollywood

From Beyoncé and Madonna to Sylvester Stallone to Christian Bale, every star has to undergo rigorous diet according to the demand of the character. However, in real life too, actors and actresses continue with some weird, but interesting diets that keep them fit year after year. Many people who believe these celebrities do not eat at all or go for Yo-Yo diets are actually eating consciously to keep themselves energetic and in shape. So if you wanna know what is that interesting diet of the actors of Hollywood you’re at the right place.

Let us check interesting diet regimen of top Hollywood actors who are an inspiration to follow:

Ben Affleck

1This actor/director, who seems to be in the great body, has been following a strict diet plan for years. Along with the rigorous workout plan, Affleck follows Rehan Jalali’s Six Pack Diet Plan that includes 6-7 meals a day. He had to eat 45% carbs, 35% lean protein and 20% fats that made him look lean and fit.

Marilyn Monroe


One can’t get away from her looks and the way she carried herself all the time. This all-time beautiful actress would start her day with two raw eggs whipped in warm milk. By skipping the lunch, the pop icon would consume broiled liver and five carrots for dinner that helped her to maintain her inviting figure.



The most beautiful pop diva had followed a strict diet of macrobiotic diet that eliminates all wheat, egg, meat and dairy. The diet also encourages consumption of sea vegetables that gave the Material Girl and iconic figure to watch for.

Jessica Chastain


The complete vegan actress was asked to look lean and fit for a role in Zero Dark Thirty. However, for 2011’s The Help, she was asked to gain 15 pounds. To gain extra pounds, she ate a carton of soy ice cream. But once the shoot ended, she got back to her regular vegan diet and yoga.

Hugh Jackman


This Wolverine actor doesn’t eliminate carbs and eats them before 3 pm. For breakfast, Jackman consumes Oatmeal and for lunch- brown rice and yams. Consuming lean protein every day what makes Jackman look the fittest actor in the industry.

Megan Fox


The most beautiful actress carrying classy figure, Megan Fox throws back shots of apple cider vinegar. Moreover, the actress also follows the practice from the book, The 5-Factor Diet by Harley Paternak. The book explains about the making of 5-ingredient meals in 5 minutes.

Victoria Beckham


The Posh Spice girl is known for perfect pH and alkaline diet. The plan helps in keeping your body’s pH between 7.35- 7.45. However, to keep the body alkaline-friendly, you need to follow 80/20 rule having more vegetables and fewer grains and proteins.

Helen Hunt


According to her yoga instructor Mandy Ingber had strictly asked Helen to have a salad for lunch. This certainly made her look slim, even with growing age. Hunt also recommends big salad and lean protein for lunch and dinner.

Amy Adams


This Australian actress believes in a workout and eating healthy. Her diet includes whole grain toast, margarine and one boiled egg during. The diet also includes beef and vegetables for dinner.

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