Kitchen Cleaning Hacks you need to know


The average household is seen to spend a good amount of money on the different household cleaning supplies. But you know what? germs are noticed to lurk everywhere, which could be the result of your pet, people walking around or due to the breeze flowing through the door or windows. The kitchen interior does require some cleaning regularly and there is no need to spend a fortune for keeping your kitchen sparkling clean. This article explains some inexpensive, effective and simple to follow kitchen cleaning hacks.

Eliminating clutter

Cleaning a cluttered room can be tough and time-consuming. Al non-essential items are to be boxed and taken to a commercial self-storage unit, which is considered to be safe, easily accessible and inexpensive.


Lemonizing the microwave

Lemon juice can prove to be worthy when trying to sanitize, deodorize and clean the microwave. Mix lemon juice and water in the microwave bowl and have a timer set for 5 minutes, allowing the citrus steam to perform its work.


Cleaning the SHOWER-HEAD

White vinegar is to be filled up in a bag and place around the shower head and tied tight, leaving it overnight for eliminating lime crust and soap scum.


Cleaning the grill

Rubbing half of white onion on the grill, when heated up, helps eliminate carbon buildup and seasons the grill.


Pet hair

If you have a dog or cat at your home, then you are sure to have pet hair around in plenty. Dip a rubber glove in water and use it to pick up pet hair.


Taking care of the blender

The blade would rust eventually if left in the soaking condition in the sink. Fill the blender with dish detergent and hot water. Run on high speed for a minute. Then empty it and rinse to get the desired results.


Cleaning silverware

This kitchen cleaning hack is useful if your silverware is not in good condition. You can use some toothpaste to clean your silverware.


Eliminating trashcan tragedies

There are plenty of diseases causing germs present in the trash cans. For minimizing their spread, you are to place some newspaper in balled up condition at the trash bag bottom for soaking up the notorious liquids present in it, thus not allowing them to seep out.

Vinegar can also be sprinkled both inside and outside of the trash every week for keeping odors and germs under control.


Taking care of the concrete garage floor

Kitty litter can come to the rescue. It can help to clean up vehicle fluid and oil leak stains. The used litter can be then dumped into a mole hole to discourage them from invading the place.


Dear Readers,

The above kitchen cleaning hacks can prove to be useful to keep your kitchen clean in an inexpensive way. You can have your comments posted on the site. Do feel free to get in touch with me to share your favorite kitchen cleaning hack.

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