The Ultimate Guide to Know your Food & Calories

Food & Calories has always been an overrated topic. How much do we eat? How much do we burn?

Calories are just a measure of energy in the food you eat. We all need this energy to perform our daily tasks. The energy is trapped in our body by the food we eat.  My doctor advised me to have 1300 calories per day to help me maintain my weight. At first, I was flabbergasted, how can I keep a count on what I eat, how will I know how much calories I am taking.

Of course, most of you out there might be trying to lose some weight or trying to gain some weight. Are you succeeding at it? Nope?

Argh, not losing weight yet? It’s time to keep an eye on these lil nasty creatures to balance your weight. Well, We all can benefit from eating a healthy balanced diet with the right number of calories for our body. But how are you going to decide what food you need to opt for? Check the chart below and get an idea about the daily foods and their calorie content.

Guide to know your food & Calories:

Food & Calories

Dear Readers,

Few food items are very low in calories, for example, green tea, fresh fruits, and water. They just make you feel fuller for a longer time without adding lots of calories. Try adopting such healthy foods as a snack when you feel like binging and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

 I personally prefer green tea instead of coffee with loads of fruits during snack time. I also go for protein rich diets which are low in calories for lunch. Our bodies are unique and it could so happen that we may be intolerant to a particular food.I would suggest you consult your dietician today and munch on what’s right for you by keeping an eye on the calorie intake.

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