Odd Food Combo Ideas which are Awesome

People cannot live a healthy and fruitful life without the consumption of food.Food is a life force for the body. Are you among those people who love to mix and match different food items but confused which ones gel well together? If you wanna invent new odd food combo recipes which may appear absurd but taste great in real life then continue reading this article. I have compiled some of the odd food combinations that sound weird but taste awesome.

Fresh popped popcorn with milk (like a cereal)

Bored of those usual cereals you munch on? Try popcorn for a change! Yea, I ain’t kidding. Grab some plain popcorns and mix it with milk. Add some sugar, dry fruits if need and there you go. Your instant cereal is ready.


Peanut Butter and pickle sandwich

How about a quick peanut butter and pickle sandwich for breakfast? The creamy peanut butter complements well with the salted pickles. This is a must try odd food combo recipe.


Salt and Pepper on apples

Is your kid running away from the sight of apples? Try to add some salt and pepper over those apples and feed him/her instead. I am sure they’ll love it.


Fries dipped in honey/ice cream

French fries anyone? Who doesn’t love french fries? This odd food combination will leave your taste buds to crave for more. Next time when you’re going to munch on them don’t forget to dip them in honey or your favorite ice cream.


Salted crisps with Nutella

Argh, for the love of Nutella! It’s creamy, chocolaty and makes me crave for more. This one’s my favorite snack to munch on while I watch my favorite movies on Friday night.


Popcorn and marshmallows

Mixing popcorn with soft marshmallows is the perfect combination as a great evening snack. You can even serve it to your guests when you’re all having a sleepover or Netflix time.


Pizza topped with melted chocolate and bananas

I love pizzas! I love sweet doughnuts as well. Well if your tongue is craving for something sweet just like mine you must definitely try adding some melted chocolate over your pizza, top it up with your favorite fruits and snack on. Trust me it’s awesome.


Hot sauce and Cauliflower popcorn

Cut large cauliflower into small pieces of popcorns, add turmeric, onion powder, smoked paprika, pepper, and other spices and fry them in coconut oil and the popcorns are ready to relish.


Avocado and Chocolate

Nobody can defeat the yummy taste of a powerful chocolate but to add some unique touch to the truffles, avocados can be interesting. Avocados can be sprinkled over the chocolate balls or truffles. These good fats will improve the taste and give a silky texture as well.


Sriracha sauce and Peanut Butter

Collect peanut butter, green onion, cilantro, lime, Sriracha sauce, coarse salt, egg, and butter, prepare the batter and cook for ten minutes to get this amazingly odd recipe. Add peanut butter on the top of the egg with Sriracha sauce for a kickass taste.


Strawberry and Basil

The idea of combining basil with tea is sure a common and healthy thing, but combining basil with a strawberry drink is a twist. Mixing basil with strawberry juice is an incredibly refreshing drink.


Mango and Chilli

The addition of chili powder on mango slices is the best combination of sweet and spicy. A squeeze of lime and a pinch of salt brings the whole recipe together which makes an amazing taste.


Broccoli and Cheetos

This is the best recipe for children who run away from healthy vegetables, all you need is to mix up his/her favorite flavor of Cheetos, cheese, and Broccoli.


Chocolate Milk and salt

Chocolate milkshake is the yummiest drink for all ages but sometimes it becomes too sweet. Why not add some salted whipped cream? Add some salted whipped cream to chocolate milk just in the right quantity, and you can always serve it hot or cold.


Cheese and jelly

Collect some fruits, jam, and grilled cheese and spread them on bread for this unique yet delicious recipe.


Dear Readers,

When life gets too boring with regular food recipes, try out these Odd food combo recipes for an entertaining yet healthy life. What’s your little secret? What do you munch on which may seem weird for others? Please let us know in the comments section. Have a great day lovelies.

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