9 Easy to prepare Protein Snack Ideas

I personally love munching all the time. But these days, snacks are made using refined carbs and sugar which aren’t healthy for my body. I decided to switch to healthy eating. And hey busy people, are you among those guys who crave for a quick healthy snack when you’re hungry? Don’t you have enough time to prepare some good healthy food? Here is high protein snack ideas which are simple to prepare and portable. Enjoy them even when you’re on the go.

Trail Mix

This is a super snack which is high in protein. It is made using dried fruit and nuts like pista and almonds. It could be served using chocolate and grains.


Greek Yogurt Parfait

This one’s my favorite all time snack. Greek yogurt is high in protein and rich in calcium. You can either have it plain or make a parfait by combining berries and granola in layers.


Veggies and Yogurt Dip/Hummus

Veggies are yummy. You must definitely try some vegetables or roasted vegetables with yogurt as a dip for a protein rich snack. People who have a liking for hummus can use hummus as a dip.


Peanut Butter Celery Sticks

Celery sticks are good for instant rehydration. Try pairing them with peanut butter for a protein rich delicious snack.


No-Bake Energy Bites

These are made using a combination of highly nutritious ingredients like butter, nuts, oats and seeds and then rolling them into balls. Note that these don’t require baking and are rich in protein.


Fruits and Peanut Butter

You can pair fruits like apples with peanut butter. This is going to be a very high protein snack and will also improve your gut health.


Chia Seed Pudding

Chia Seed pudding is delicious and healthy. Soak chia seeds in milk and then add flavors like vanilla or chocolate as per taste.


Lentil Salads

This is a plant based snack and is a great source of protein. The combination of lentils in this salad helps in weight management.It also reduces the risk of heart diseases.


Overnight Oatmeal

Oats are super foods of this generation. Take some milk, add oats to it and your favorite nuts or some peanut butter into it. Let it freeze overnight and enjoy this protein-rich snack the next day.


Dear Readers,

These high protein snacks help you feel fuller for a longer time and are quite easy to prepare. What is your favorite high protein snack? Let us know in the comments section. Have great day folks!

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