How to use a smartphone to take yummy pictures.

In the age of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest – it’s pointless to argue which camera is the best for Food Photography. It’s your favorite Smartphone. Obviously. We all know that the best camera at any point is the camera that’s accessible to you and we aren’t going to be harsh and judge smartphones today. We are on a break. We’ll rather see how their availability can help you become a better Food Photographer and click yummy pictures. After all, we all live to show what we are to the world, to the people, and to our friends.

I acknowledge the fact it’s hard to make your Food look good. All those Glossy Food Magazines in your drawers have a professional touch in their Pictures – making it harder for you. But how are they so Good?

They have a styling and Photography team, and that does make a difference. But what if you don’t have a team? What if you’re alone with just a smartphone?

Tips to make your Smartphone Capture yummy pictures

That’s where we come in and tell you – a good photograph doesn’t come from a team or a good camera – it comes from a unique perspective. And if you think you’ve something to show to the world with just your smartphone, we’ll help you to bring that out, in the best way possible.


This is the most crucial factor of all. Finding good lighting for your photos – deciding if it’s Winter and you want that dim light photo on a wooden table, or switch it to a bright photo on a contrasting background and show that you are a summer boy – that’s all your choice. And make sure you don’t use your flashlight ; it doesn’t help.



I cannot teach you that. In fact, no one can teach you that. Gradually you develop an eye for it, and with it comes a unique angle to your food. But you already have that – that’ why you’re here – reading this. Although no one can teach you styling – there are few basic tricks that can lift your game. Garnishing, Color-Coordination, Proper-serving, and a contrasting Background. Try these before you take a photo.


Use Props

Mix and match those kitchen towels with your dish, or a herb container – or a few spoons. Props can always add a little life to your photos and most importantly, give it a story.


Rule of threes

When it comes to Food Photography – no rule is so important as much as the Rule of three. Always capture food items in an odd number – three bowls, three bananas, five dips – always an odd number. Of course, you can break this rule for a better photo.



Locking your focus at the right spot is an important skill you should possess. This gives you an appropriate mixture of a sharp foreground and a soft background. Go into your camera settings, play with your shutter speed and lock your focus. It definitely gives a better photo.


After all these tips to capture yummy pictures one should know that after a photo is captured it’s the way you edit it; the way you crop out the best part of it and flash it to the world. So, it doesn’t end with just capturing – the edit and the caption are equally significant. 

Do you think I’ve missed on something? Comment below. 

 Happy Clicking. And don’t miss out to check on these amazing phones which can be used to capture yummy pictures.

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