Winter is coming, food for a snowy weekend

A snowy weekend brings along with itself much time to relax in comfortable pajamas, sipping some cappuccino and watch your favorite soap. It’s time to spice up this spine-chilling and knee freezing time with some delectable cuisines. But Alas! it’s so chilly to go outside and get something to eat. Are you craving for some finger licking food that is quick and easy to make at home? Continue reading and be amazed because this article has compiled easy to make food ideas for a snowy weekend.

Snowy weekend food ideas

These mind-numbing delicacies are easy to make with minimum prep time and are a treat to the 5 senses. So no need to get dressed for satisfying your taste buds, just walk right into the kitchen and use the basic ingredients to make something smoking hot.

Skinny Creamy Baja Avocado Pasta:

If you love and your partners love Pasta then make sure to give them a good dose of creamy Avocado Pasta that will make them crave for more. All you need is boil some skinny Spaghetti, add cream to it with some bell peppers and enjoy the hot dish.

snowy weekend 1

Wanna try it out tonight?

Vegan Tamales with Mole Verde:

Give a vegan touch to your Tamales by Adding Mushrooms and Goat Cheese. This Mexican dish is perfect for cooking with your friends and enjoying some quality time.

snowy weekend 2

Get the recipe here!

Corn cakes with beetroot and apple salad:

How about some light yet creamy salad for starters? Yes! Corn Cakes with Beetroot and Apple Salad is easy to make for novices and all it takes it 30 minutes to enjoy this snack.

snowy weekend 3

Treat your taste buds tonight!

Ricotta Pancakes:

Let’s try this Traditional American Breakfast in a vegan way. All it needs is wheat flour, some eggs, granulated sugar and oil to make those mouth-watering Pancakes for Breakfast. High on Nutrition and Low on calorie it will make you the queen of the house.

snowy weekend 4

Get the recipe here!

Tex Mex Stuffed Peppers:

Stuff your stomach with Tex-Mex Stuffed Peppers before going to bed. It is exotic, it is steamy and yes it is easy to make. Toss some finely cut vegetables like capsicum, onion, peppers, corns, cooked brown rice and mix it well. Add spices to taste and put the whole mixture in a Bell pepper and Roast it in a casserole And here is your spicy treat ready to be ambushed.

snowy weekend 5

In the mood for some spicy treat?

Ethiopian Shiro Wat:

Shiro the staple vegetarian dish of Ethiopia is a must to try and easy to make. All it takes 10 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to cook. It is worth the effort as it is unique, spicy and warm. Just what you need on a spine-chilling weekend.

snowy weekend 6

Tempted to try it out?

Greek Stuffed Acorn Squash:

Are you fond of Greek cuisine and don’t want to go out? Well, then try this Acorn Squash Stuffed with cheese, quinoa, olives and breadcrumbs and make the most out of your weekend at homes. Contrary to its name, this cheesy Acorn Squash is mouth watering and melts as it touches your tongue making it worth the efforts.

snowy weekend 7

Click here for the recipe.

Scarlett O’ Hara Cocktail:

Get a little drunk and flaunt your carefree side all thanks to Scarlett O’ Hara. It is a phenomenal drink that will make you feel hot in snow and dance like a little girl in rain. Who knows what Mix of Southern Comfort with lemons and cranberry juice on the rocks will do this weekend?

snowy weekend 8

Mmm, trust me its delicious!

So make the most of your Time this Snowy Weekend. And do not hesitate to try some of these exotic recipes that will proof that nobody can beat your culinary skills. Also, let me know more exotic cuisines you have tried on a chilling weekend in the comments section.


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