Quick Easy steps to make Homemade Hummus

Most of you out there might have heard the term “Hummus” or “Hummus dip” and might be wondering what it actually is. It is a most widely consumed Middle Eastern food which is thick, creamy spread made using mashed chickpeas and other secret ingredients. If you’re new to “Hummus”, and wonder why you must include it in your diet or pondering about different recipes to make the perfect homemade hummus, read on to find them out.

Hummus Health Benefits

Hummus is packed with powerful ingredients A 100 gram serving of hummus contains the following nutrients:

  • Protein 5g
  • Fiber 5g
  • Fat 9g
  • Carbs 20g
  • Vitamin C 13% RDA
  • Vitamin B6 20% RDA
  • Folate 15% RDA
  • Iron 10% RDA
  • Zinc 10% RDA
  • Phosphorus 11% RDA
  • Manganese 28% RDA

Homemade plant based hummus with real ingredients are healthy because they offer various health benefits. Here’s why you need to include it in your meals.


Healthy Gut is Happy Gut

Thanks to the fiber content in hummus, it helps to clean your digestive tract. It is also rich in antioxidants which help in removing toxins from the body.

Helps in Overall body development

Hummus is rich in protein, calcium and helps in improving muscle, bone and skin health. It also helps in alleviating anemia as they are good sources of iron.

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Hummus can lower cholesterol

Hummus is made using chickpeas also called as garbanzo beans. These have the capacity to lower your cholesterol and make you feel fuller for a longer time.

Keeps cancer away

Chickpeas are filled with compounds which have cancer preventing properties.

Helps in weight management

Tahini (sesame seed butter) is used to make hummus. This is filled with monounsaturated fats which help in losing weight particularly belly fat.

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Great substitute for unhealthy snacks

Hummus can be used as dips to fruits and roasted vegetables. It can be a protein-rich snack on the go.

Homemade Hummus Recipe Guide

I know there are supermarkets which will sell ready-made hummus but I’d prefer you all make your homemade version of it to be sure about what you actually eat and avoid preservatives as well. Trust me, hummus is really simple to make and all you need are few basic ingredients and a blender. Here is a list of basic homemade hummus recipes to help you get started. You can store this in your refrigerator and use it throughout the week.


Dear Readers,

Once you have made that perfect hummus, just scoop it up and serve it with some flatbread or some baked falafels. You can also add it to grilled vegetables or chicken for extra flavor. Including some of this thick creamy spread in your daily diet will provide your body with amazing benefits of hummus all at once. Did I miss out on any of your favorite hummus recipes? Do let me know in the comments section.

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